Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga Directed By Ajay Singh. The Story is A flight Attendent and Her Boyfriend Want to Stoel A Diamond To Clear his Debt . But Plane 40000 Feet in The Ground The Plane Horribly And Turn Into A Hostage Condition.

Genre - Action , Thriller

Release - 24 March (2023)

Directed By - Ajay Singh

Runtime - 1h 50mint




Sunny Kaushal

Yammi Gautam

Sharad Kelkar


John Abraham


The creators of Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, a Maddock Films production offered by Netflix, are like clever cardsharps who get a touch carried away by their bag of tricks and overplay their hand towards the business end of their stressful game. But, they are wise enough to keep their wits about them and pass off the odd mistake as an intentional component of a broader scheme. Most of the time, the techniques they use to deceive the audience are effective.

Ankit, a former gems insurer with a shady history, and Neha, who is recovering from a significant personal setback, become lovers because they are both vegans. They cross paths again in a club. Thankfully, the couple does not break into the typical Bollywood lovebird song and dance.

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