Christopher is a 2023 Indian Hindi - Malyalam Action Drama Film Directed By - B Unnikrishnana And Written By - Uday Krishnan Starring Mammoty .

A Maverick Police To forced a Criminal To outside the law of limits . when The systems fail the Story has Past And Present To The While reveling the Motives That .

Genre : Action, Drama , Thriller

Release Date - 9 February , 2023

Language - Hindi

Director - B Unnikrishnan

Budget - 18.7 crore

Box - office - 38.4 crore





Vinay Rai

Aishwarya Lekshmi


Amala Paul


ADGP Christopher Antony is an honest and efficient IPS officer and encounter specialist from the Kerala cadre who uses vigilantism and encounter killings as a tool for safeguarding women and other innocent and helpless people. He kills 5 people in an encounter for brutally assaulting and murdering a woman. Under pressure from the Human rights activists, CM Rajashekaran Menon is pressured by the Home Secretary and Christopher's ex-wife, Beena Mariam Chacko, to launch an investigation into the deaths of 5 youngsters. ACP Sulekha is appointed to lead the investigation, where she decides to unearth Christopher's previous encounter killings instead of probing by looking into the case files.  

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