Das ka Dhamki is 2023 Indian Hindi Telugu Language Action - Thriller Film Directed By Vishwak Sen And written By Parsanna .

Krishna Das A waiter By Profession , Fall Kriti Love a look alike . 

Genre - Action , Comedy , Thriller

Release - 22 March (2023)

Director - Vishwak Sen

Runtime - 2h 23mint

Producer - Karate Raju





Vishwak Sen

Aksara Gowda

Prudhvi Raj


Rao Ramesh


Sanjay Rudra, the CEO of SR Pharma Life, is later identified as Krishna's twin. A wealthy and kind physician named Sanjay is working to create a medicine that can treat cancer in order to realise his vision of a future free of the disease. Later, he meets Dhanunjay, an investor, who contributes 10,000 crore to the project. Krishna is required to manage the business and Sanjay's family for ten days after Sanjay mysteriously perishes in a vehicle accident. As a result, Krishna is both perplexed and delighted because he can temporarily impress Keerthi and live a luxurious life. Krishna, however, makes the decision to look into the incident and concludes that he is the only one to blame for Sanjay's passing.

Sanjay's paraplegic mother is the recipient of Krishna's admission that he is responsible for Sanjay's death, which Krishna finds difficult to accept. Krishna calls Sanjay's uncle and informs him that he would reveal his identity and that Sanjay passed away in a vehicle accident since he is unable to pretend to be Sanjay. The truth is then made known: Sanjay is not who he claims to be and is still alive. In order to profit, Sanjay killed his professor after the latter refused to market the medication that the two of them had developed to treat cancer. The medication, nevertheless, only ever had one successful clinical study before killing everyone involved. As a result, Sanjay created his own version of the medication.

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