Deadpool is a 2018 superhero action-comedy film , which was directed by David Leitch and features Ryan Reynolds as the title character Deadpool, was released. 

In order to defend a young mutant named Russell from a time-traveling soldier named Cable who has come from the future to kill him, Deadpool gathers a group of mutants known as X-Force.

Genre - Action,Adventure

Release - 18 May (2018)

Director - David Leitch

Box office - $785.8 Million

Budget - $110 Million

Producer - Simon Kinberg

Runtime - 1h 59mint




Ryan Reynolds

Josh Brolin

Zazie Beats

Jullien Dannison

Fred Savage

Morena Baccarin


In the first scene of the film, Deadpool makes an attempt to kill himself by blowing himself up, but he is unsuccessful because to his ability to regenerate. Russell Collins, a teenage mutant who has been making trouble at an orphanage, has to be stopped. He decides to join the X-Men as a trainee and is given the mission to accomplish this. Deadpool and Russell are detained during the expedition and taken to the Icebox, a facility for mutant inmates.

Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, and Peter, a regular guy without any special abilities who only wants to be a part of the squad, make up the team. They make an attempt to enter the Icebox to free Russell, but their scheme fails when they run into powerful winds brought on by Zeitgeist's abilities. Bedlam, Shatterstar, and Zeitgeist are three team members that are brutally murdered.

Russell is saved by Deadpool and Domino, but Cable follows them and they engage in a bloody fight. Deadpool discovers during the fight that Russell's rage and aggressive demeanour are a result of the torture he endured at the hands of the orphanage headmaster, who is revealed to be the true antagonist of the film.
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