Everything evrywhere all at once is a 2022 Americna Sci-fi , Action , Drama Film Written And Directed By Danial Kwan And Danial Schineart .

A Chinese immigrant gets unwillingly embroiled in an epic adventure where she must connect different versions of herself in the parallel universe to stop someone who intends to harm the multiverse.

Genre - Sci-fi , Action , Drama

Initial Release - 16 September 2022 (Indian)

Budget - $14 Million

Box office - $108 Million

Director - Danial Kwan and Daniel Schinert

Award - Academy award For best Pictures

Duration - 2h 22mint




Michella Yeoh

Ke Huy Kuan

Jamie Lee Curtis

Stephaeni Hsu

James Hong 

The concept was started by Kwan and Scheinert in 2010, and its production was announced in 2018. The main filming took place from January to March 2020. Son Lux contributed songs to the soundtrack, working with Mitski, David Byrne, André 3000, John Hampson, and Randy Newman. The movie had its world premiere on March 11, 2022, at South by Southwest, and on March 25, 2022, it began a limited theatre run in the United States before A24, based in New York City, released it widely on April 8, 2022. It outperformed Hereditary (2018) to become A24's highest-grossing film with an estimated $108 million in worldwide box office receipts.

Critics praised the film's creativity, storyline, direction, acting (especially that of Yeoh, Hsu, Quan, and Curtis), visual effects, costume design, action sequences, musical soundtrack, and editing. Many studies have been done on how it depicts ideas from philosophy like existentialism, nihilism, and absurdism as well as how it deals with issues like neurodivergence, depression, generational trauma, and Asian-American identity.