Assuming you're referring to the horror film "It," based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, here's the full story: 

In 1988, a group of misfit kids known as "The Losers Club" are terrorised by It, a shape-shifting entity that preys on their worst fears and feeds on their flesh.

Release Date - 8 September , 2017

Director - Andrew Muschithi

Story By - Stephen King

Budget - $35-40 Million

Box office - $701 Million

Produced By - Roy Lee

Production Company - New Line Cinema




Bill Skarsgard
Jaeden Martel
Finn Wolfhard
Weytt Ollef
Jeremy Ray
Jackson Ray

The Losers Club begins to have strange and terrifying visions of It, each one tailored to their specific fears. They quickly realise that It is responsible for several other children's disappearances in Derry over the years. 

The kids are determined to stop It, but they quickly discover that It is far more powerful and ancient than they could have imagined.

As they dig deeper, the Losers Club discovers that It has been haunting Derry for centuries, taking various forms to feed on the children of the town.

The Losers Club forms and descends into the sewers beneath Derry, where it resides. They engage It in a brutal battle, culminating in a showdown between Bill and the creature. Bill overcomes his fear and employs his love for his brother as a weapon against It. He finally destroys It by revealing the Deadlights to It, causing it to explode in a blinding burst of light.

The Losers Club emerges from the sewers, battered and bruised but alive, having defeated It. They make a pact to return to Derry if It ever resurfaces again, but they all agree that they hope it never will. The film concludes with the group dispersing and going their separate ways.

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