The events of "It Chapter Two" take place 27 years after the events of the first film. The Losers Club, who as children defeated the demonic entity known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, have grown up and moved away from Derry, Maine. 

But when Mike Hanlon, the only member of the group who stayed behind, realises Pennywise has returned and is terrorising the town once more, he summons his old friends to help him finally defeat the monster.

Release Date - 6 September (2019)

Director - Andrew Muschiti

Produced By - Stephen King

Budget - $79 Million

Box office - $471.3 Million

Distributed By - Warner Bros Pictures


6.5 /10


Bill Hader
Jesica Chastain
James Myawoy
Bill Skarsgard
James Ransone


The Losers reunite in Derry as adults and discover that the town hasn't changed much. They each have their own lives and careers, but the memories of their previous encounters with Pennywise quickly return. As they work to piece together their fragmented memories, they realise they must find a way to permanently destroy Pennywise.

Pennywise haunts each of the Losers in their own unique way. Beverly Marsh, a successful fashion designer, is being physically abused by her husband, who is under the clown's control. Bill Denbrough, a well-known horror writer, is suffering from writer's block as well as guilt over his brother Georgie's death at the hands of Pennywise. Eddie Kaspbrak, now a prosperous businessman.

As the Losers recall their previous encounters with Pennywise, they realise they never truly defeated him. They decide to venture into the sewers beneath Derry to finally confront the clown. Pennywise, on the other hand, is more powerful than ever, and he has some new tricks up his sleeve. The Losers must confront their deepest fears and band together to finally defeat Pennywise.

In the final battle, the Losers face Pennywise in a massive cavern beneath the city. Each of them fights the clown with their own set of strengths and abilities, but Pennywise is still far too powerful. Beverly, who has gained confidence from her friends and her own inner strength,

Following Pennywise's defeat, the Losers recall their childhood promise to return if Pennywise ever returned. They realise that despite their long separation, they have always been connected. The film concludes with the Losers saying their goodbyes, but with the hope that they will stay in touch and be there for each other whenever they need it.

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