John Wick: Chapter 4 is a American Action-Thriller Film Directed By Chad stahelsky And Written By Shay Hatten And Michel .

John Wick Uncover A path of defeating The High Table and All The Enemy.

Genre - Action , Neo-noir

Release Date - 24 March (2023)

Director - Chad Stahelsky

Runtime - 2h 49mint

Budget - $100 Million Est.




Kaenu Reeves
Donnie Yen
Scott Adkins
Bill Skarsgard
Asis Kate Dilon
Rina Swayama
Lance Reddick


John Wick is preparing to wreak his vengeance on the High Table in New York City while sheltering underground with the Bowery King. The Elder, the sole person above the High Table, is assassinated by him when he travels to Morocco. As a result, Marquis Vincent de Gramont, a senior member of the High Table, summons New York Continental Hotel manager Winston Scott and his concierge, Charon, and reprimands Winston for failing to execute John.

A tracker known as "Mr. Nobody" by de Gramont, who is hunting John for a contract, interrupts them, but he releases John after determining the contract's payment is insufficient. Akira also makes it out, but Caine kills Koji first. When John gets back to New York, he runs into a furious Winston at Charon's tomb. John should challenge De Gramont to a duel, Winston advises, as victory will release him from his duty to the High Table. According to the customs of the Table, John can only ask for a battle on behalf of a criminal organisation; yet, because of his past severance from the Ruska Roma[a], John makes the trip to their Berlin headquarters to pick up a new crest designating his membership in the syndicate.

Winston and the Bowery King attend John's funeral after he is given his job back as manager of the Continental and is buried alongside his late wife Helen. Akira seeks revenge on Caine for the death of her father some time later.

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