Kaapa is a (2023) South Indian Hindi Telugu Action , Drama Thriller Film Directed By - Shaji Kailash And Written By G.R Indugopan Based on His Novel Shankhumukhi.

Kaapa Pregnent wife when he appears on state criminal list.a devoted husband embarks to prove his innocense.

Genre - Thriller , Crime

Release  - 22 December (2022)

Director - Shaji Kailash

Box office - 17 Crore

Runtime - 2h 16mint




Prithviraj Sukumaran

Aparna Balamurli

Anna Ben

Asif Ali



Later, Anand meets Arun, a police officer, to ask for his assistance in removing Binu's name. While speaking with Arun, he quickly discovers Binu's involvement in running a gang and her rivalry with Kotta Madhu, the city's most notorious gangster and a rising political star who was responsible for the murder of Binu's brother. In order to help Binu, Anand meets Kotta Madhu and is able to gain his trust. Later, Anand finds that a journalist by the name of Latheef has hired thugs to kill Madhu. He tells Prameela, who then tells Madhu. They are beaten by Madhu, and Latheef becomes terrified of being caught by her.

Anand organises the naming ceremony for their child while visiting Binu's hometown. When Latheef first meets Anand, he informs him that his feud with Madhu caused his cousin Nazeer to be sent to the United Arab Emirates. He then asks Anand to mediate a truce between him and Madhu so that they can coexist together. Despite his reluctance, Madhu agrees and makes his way to the location of the truce. However, a youngster whose life Madhu seriously harmed when he blasted an assassin on his orders and was sent to juvenile prison, kills Madhu in a bomb blast.

Binu was also the faceless leader leading a gang and attempted to kill Madhu while Anand was busy to prove her innocence. Prameela calls Binu and swears that she will avenge Madhu's death, while Binu also promises to protect her family without Anand's knowledge.

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