Kabzaa is a Indian Telugu Hindi Action Thriller Film Written And Directed By - R . Chandru .
During the British rule in 1945, Amareshwara, a freedom fighter, gets brutally killed by the British.  His wife, Tulasi Devi, and sons, Arkeshwara and Sankeshwara, relocate to Amarapura and work as flag sellers.

Genre -
Crime , Thriller

Directed By - R . Chandru

Release - 17 March (2023)

Budget - 120 Crore

Runtime - 2h 14mint




Upendra Rao 

Shriya Saran


Danish Akhtar Saifi

Manoj Bajpayee

Kabir Duhan Singh


In the constant gang conflicts between Khaleed, Bagheera, and Malik, Amarapura is a constant participant. When CM Ghanshyam Pandey learns that Veer Bahaddur intends to put himself forward as a contender for the CM, he engages Khaleed and his son Sartaaj to wreak havoc in Amarapura. As Sankeshwara shoots Sartaaj for shooting an elderly woman, pandemonium ensues. Arkeshwara and Tulasi are disturbed when Khaleed kills and beheads Sankeshwara out of rage. After a furious Arkeshwara kills a police officer for demeaning his family, he is punished with a prison term and is discharged from the Air Force. At the prison, Khaleed employs the infamous mobster Bali to murder Arkeshwara. Arkeshwara, however, murders Bali.

Veer Bahaddur saves Arkeshwara when he sees a chance to get rid of Khaleed. Khaleed plans a hit against Arkeshwara, but Arkeshwara kills Khaleed after taking out Khaleed's men, bringing justice to Sankeshwara's death and paving the way for him to take over as the next crime lord in Bangalore. Arkeshwara, however, finds himself in difficulties as he has to deal with Malik and Bagheera. After winning the election, Veer Bahaddur is named chief minister. Veer Bahaddur disrespects Madhumati's decision to marry Arkeshwara after she informs him of her intention, which prompts her to flee with him. Bagheera and Malik are killed by Arkeshwara, who then conquers their realm. Overnight, he transforms into a dreaded thug.

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