Laththi known as Laththi Charge is a 2022 Indian Tamil-Language Hindi Action Comedy Film . This Movie is Written And directed By - A Vinoth Kumar .

For acting inappropriately with the deputy's daughter, Muruganantham is given the order to attack Vellai. When mafia lord Guna, the father of Vellai, learns of this, he turns his vengeance on the former.

Genre - Action Comedy 

Initial Release - 22 December , 2022

Director - A vinoth Kumar

Distributed By - Red Gaints Movie

Produced By - Ramana , Nandha Dhurairaj

Run Time - 2h 22mint







Misha Goshal

Vinodhini Vaidhyanathan

Police policeman Muruganantham resides with his wife Kavitha and son Rasu, 10, who has breathing issues that are more pronounced when he is terrified. One day, Muruganantham is demoted for torturing a bystander who was suspected of abusing a young girl named Pavithra, who later died. With assistance from DSP Ranganathan, Muruganantham is able to have his suspension lifted six months later, and he returns to work.
DIG Kamal orders Muruganantham to torture a suspect one evening because he was bothering his daughter. The suspect is actually Vellai, the son of a powerful mafia kingpin by the name of Sura, who Muruganantham reluctantly tortures. With the help of the Internet, I was able to find a lot of information on the upcoming event. After escaping from Sura's goons, Muruganantham and Rasu become stuck within a structure that is still being built. Rasu is given a spot to hide by Muruganantham, but it soon becomes clear that he needs his inhaler, which is in his backpack close to the building's ground floor because he isn't feeling well.

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