Purushu Pretham is A Indian Hindi Telugu Film Directed By - Krishand This Film Start With A Police procedural story that has never been seen in malyalam cinema an Invistigate thriller with twists and turn 

discrimination Comedy ,Crime ,Drama.

Genre - Crime Thriller

Duration - 2h 33mint

Director - Krishand




Darshana Rajendra 

Geethi Sangeetha

Maala Parvathi


The plot revolves around an unidentified male corpse found decomposed in a dump in Kochi. Super Sebastian, an officer at the Chelanallur police station, begins identifying the body. 

Darshana Rajendran's character, Susan, claims it's her missing husband. What happens next is entirely focused on the film. According to the reviews, Purusha Pretham is a satire that explores discrimination in a society that includes the department as well as men in general. The film is a first-of-its-kind attempt to depict the conditions of the police force, their stress, and life from a different angle.
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