Rowdy Boys is Indian (2023) Hindi - Telugu Action , Drama And Thriller Film Directed By - Shree Harsha Konughanti And Produced By - Dil Raju.

Kavya a Doctor And Read medical collage , And Akshay a Engineering student .Begin to fall love on Each other However a Ugly gang war on Collage and they respective Their Love Story. 

Genre - Drama , Action

Release Date - 14  January (2022)

Director - Shree Harsha Konughati

Producer - Dil Raju

Production Company - Shree Venkteshwara Creations

Runtime - 2h 25mint




Anupama Parameshwara

Ashish Reddy

Vikram Sahdeva

Komalee Prasad

Karthik Rathnam


Critics gave the movie unfavourable reviews, complimenting the lead actors' performances but criticising the narrative, second half, and story. "DSP's catch-all music saves this trite, dull love narrative," Pinkvilla stated in her 2.5/5 review. [17] Rowdy Boys received a 2.75/5 rating from 123 Telugu, who stated, "Rowdy Boys is a collegiate drama with few twists and turns. The opening half is strong, and debutant Ashish Reddy does well. Yet, a weak story and a tedious second half are a flaw. Due to its realistic qualities, the movie may appeal to children. Simply enter with no expectations and take pleasure in your college romance.

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