Tees Maar Khan is a Indian (2023) Hindi - Telugu Action , Drama Film Directed By - Kalyan Ji Gogana And produced By - Nagan Tirupathi Reddy .

A young Boy and his Family Escaping Domestic Voilence and inhuman Treatment.

Genre - Action , Drama

Release Date - 19 August (2022)

Director - Kalyan ji Gogana

Producer - Nagan Tirupathi Reddy

Runtime - 2h 15mint




Aadi Saikumar

Payal Rajput


Srikanth Iyenger


A young boy and a girl from two shattered households who are trying to escape domestic abuse and cruel treatment cross paths on a fateful night and immediately create a friendship and a promise to support one another. As the oldest, she gives him food, and he swears to keep her safe. Her name is Amma to him. After beating up thirty bad guys who make lewd remarks about his Amma, the boy (Aadi Saikumar) takes the name Tees Maar Khan. He prioritises her, and their love has no bounds. These two homeless children are adopted by a lonely police officer, and they unite as a family. Vasu (Poorna) alias Amma marries Chakri (Sunil). Tees Maar Khan develops into a powerful young man who owns a gym and even manages little communities in his neighbourhood.

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