The Elephant Whisperes Movie Tells the story of a Indigeneous couple name Bomman and Bellie.who has intrusted with an Orphand A elephant baby name Raghu and Play with his .

Forging a family like no other and that  tests the barrier between the human and the animal world.

Genre - Documentry , Short

Relaese - 8 December (2022)

Director - Kartiki Gonsalves

Producer - Gunnit Monga

Award - Academy award for Best Documentry Short Film

Distributed By - Netflix




Karan Tapliyal

Krish Makija

Anand Bansal

Kartiki Gonsalves

An indigenous couple named Bomman and Bellie are entrusted with caring for an orphaned baby Indian elephant named Raghu in the novel The Elephant Whisperers. They go to tremendous lengths to make sure the weak, damaged baby survives and matures into a healthy adolescent. The couple and the elephant grow to have a close relationship. They eventually have to give up Raghu and adopt another elephant named Ammukutty.

The documentary emphasises the area's natural splendour while taking place in the Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu, India. It investigates how indigenous people live in peace with nature.

The movie not only tells a beautiful tale of an animal-human friendship and coexistence, but it also highlights Indian heritage and culture in terms of environmental preservation.

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