"Acharya" is a Telugu action drama film directed by Koratala Siva that stars Megastar Chiranjeevi. Kajal Aggarwal has a significant role in the film, and Ram Charan makes a cameo appearance.

Genre - Action , Drama

Release - 29 April (2022) India

Director - Koratala Siva

Producers - S . Niranjan Reddy

Budget - 140crore INR

Box office - Est 76crore

Runtime - 2h 34mint




Ram Charan


Kajal Agrawal

Pooja Hegde

Mahesh Babu

The plot of "Acharya" centres around Acharya (Chiranjeevi), a middle-aged Naxalite-turned-social activist who fights against corruption and injustice in society. The video explores religious hypocrisy, governmental corruption, and the role of education in strengthening marginalised groups.

Chiranjeevi has an outstanding performance as Acharya, capturing the character's zeal for social justice as well as his unwavering drive to fight corruption. Kajal Aggarwal excels as Acharya's love interest, who backs him up in his struggle against the corrupt system.

The cinematography and action sequences in the film are superb, with several scenes standing out for their creative use of camera angles and visual effects. Mani Sharma's music matches the narrative and adds to the emotional effect of the drama.

One of the film's strongest points is its ability to smoothly integrate spectacular action sequences with emotionally intense moments. The film's denouement is very powerful and rewarding, sending a strong message about the power of collective action and the significance of standing up to injustice.

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