Amigos is South Indian 2023 Action Thriller Film Written and Directed By Rajendra Reddy . This movie feature Nandamuri Kalyan Ram in a Trilpe role .

Three nearly-Identical Man become fast friends after meeting via a online doppelgaager finding app .

Genre - Action Thriller

Release - 1 April (2023)

Director - Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

Runtime - 2h 17mint

Box office - est 11.23crore




Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

Ashika Ranganath




Even though the idea of doppelgangers has been around for millennia, people continue to find it fascinating. Finding someone who resembles you identically and perhaps even has similar habits and traits is an intriguing thought. Siddharth, played by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, is one such character in the film Amigos. His obsession with locating his twins leads him to discover two of them via the website "" Michael, from Kolkata, and Manjunath Hegde, a software engineer in Bangalore. They quickly decide to meet up in Goa.

Manjunath Hegde and Michael travel to Goa to meet up with each other. As they interact, they develop a friendship and go on a number of adventures. Siddharth is a hopeless romantic and is completely in love with his lover, Ishika. He decides to enlist the aid of Manjunath and Michael to win Ishika over to him because he feels that their relationship is not developing as he would want. In an enjoyable and humorous quest to help Siddharth win his girlfriend's heart, the three of them set off.

The remainder of the film is an exciting ride as Siddharth and Manjunath band together to defeat Michael and his sinister plans. They encounter many risks and challenges along the road, but they are determined to stop Michael from using them as puppets in his illegal schemes.

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