"August 16" is a Malayalam thriller film directed by Rajesh Nair and starring Meghna Raj and Rahul Madhav. Aju Varghese and Vineeth Kumar also appear in supporting roles.

Genre - Action,Thriller

Release - 7 April (2023)

Director - N.S Ponkumar

Runtime - 2h 15mint




Gautham Kartik


Richard Atson



"August 16" is a story that takes place on a single day, August 16th, and chronicles the life of Maya (Meghna Raj), a young woman who is attempting to solve a mystery from her past. Rahul Madhav plays a journalist who is assisting Maya in discovering the truth about her family and the mysteries that have been kept from her.

With multiple surprising twists and turns, the film's narrative is well-crafted and keeps the audience involved throughout. Meghna Raj gives a strong performance as Maya, convincingly showing her character's mental anguish and fragility. Rahul Madhav also gives an outstanding performance as the journalist who is assisting Maya, adding urgency and tension to the plot.

The cinematography in the film is excellent, portraying the beauty and turmoil of Kochi, where the story is set. The film's mood is enhanced by the background score and sound design, which create a sense of foreboding and anxiety.

The picture does, however, contain problems. The tempo is uneven in places, and certain sequences lack the emotional effect they should have. Some of the secondary characters are equally underdeveloped, with unclear reasons.

Overall, "August 16" is a well-crafted thriller that delivers on its tension and mystery promises. With outstanding acting and a well-crafted narrative, it is a must-see for Malayalam film enthusiasts.

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