Babylon is a American (2023) Action , Comedy,Drama Film Written And Directed By - Damien Chazelle.

Decadence , Depravity and outrageous Acces Lead to The Rise and Fall.

An Epic Original Set in 1920s in Los Angles Led By Brad Pitt , Margot Robbie ,And Diega Calva , To bigin This Movie .

Genre - Comedy , Drama

Release - 4 April (2023) India

Director - Damien Chazelle

Producer - Marc Platt

Budget - $70-80 Million

Box office - $60 Million

Runtime - 3h 5mint





Mexican immigrant Manuel "Manny" Torres assists in moving an elephant to a wild bacchanal at a Kinoscope Studios executive's estate in 1926 Los Angeles. Nellie LaRoy, a brazen, ambitious self-described "star" from New Jersey, captures his heart right away. Manny expresses his desire to be a part of something bigger while they consume cocaine. Manny assists in removing teenage actress Jane Thornton, who overdosed on narcotics, while the elephant amuses partygoers by passing through the area.

"Babylon" is an epic historical drama directed by Damien Chazelle that takes place in the late 1920s during Hollywood's golden period. Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Diego Calva, Jovan Adepo, and Katherine Waterston are among the exceptional cast members.

The film follows a group of ambitious young filmmakers and actresses as they try to establish a name for themselves in Hollywood during the transition from silent to "talkies." The plot revolves around the friendship of flamboyant producer Pat Brady (Pitt) and his ambitious assistant, Clara. (Robbie). The film delves into subjects such as love, ambition, and the evil side of Hollywood.

One of the film's finest points is its magnificent cinematography and attention to detail in portraying the era. The film's visual design portrays the era's glitz and wealth while also revealing the grittier side of Hollywood behind the scenes. The cast's performances are particularly outstanding, with Pitt and Robbie standing out as their characters' complicated connection deepens.

The tempo of the film is slow, allowing for a thorough examination of the people and their reasons. Because it is a character-driven novel rather than a plot-driven one, the plot may not appeal to everyone. "Babylon" is a must-see for anybody interested in the history of Hollywood and its transformation into a modern film business.

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