Dungeons & Dragon : Honor Among Thievs  is a Ameican fantasy action Comedy Film Directed by - Jonathan Goldstain And John Francis Daley .

A charming thief and a Band of unlikely adventure embark on a epic quest of retrive a lost relic, But things Go Dangerously when they run awry afoul of .

Genre - Sci fi , Action , Comedy

Release - 31 March (2023)

Director - Jonathan Goldstain

Budget - $150 Million

Box office - $5.7 Million

Adaptad Form - Dungeons & Dragon

Runtime - 2h 14mint




Chris Pine

Sofia lillis

Michella Rodrigutz

Rege-Jean Page

Justice Smith


Edgin Darvis worked as a Harper for years until his wife was killed by a Red Wizard he encountered on a mission. Edgin attempted to make a new life for himself and his daughter Kira, accompanied by barbarian Holga Kilgore, by turning to theft, forming a team with amateur sorcerer Simon Aumar, rogue Forge Fitzwilliam, and his acquaintance Sofina. They steal a resurrection tablet in order to resurrect Edgin's wife, but Edgin and Holga are apprehended in the process.

Two years later, the two escape their prison, learning that Forge became Lord of Neverwinter after the previous lord mysteriously became incapacitated. Forge has been looking after Kira, but he told her that Edgin was captured simply because he wanted to be wealthy. They also learn that Sofina is a Red Wizard, and that she and Forge set them up on purpose. Forge attempts to have Edgin and Holga executed, but they escape and decide to rob Forge's vault at the stadium during the upcoming HighSun Games. The blood sport was previously prohibited, but it will bring in a large number of spectators and money.

Sofina, enraged by her defeat, attacks the group, but in the process, Simon learns to control his magic. Simon nullifies Sofina's attempt to use a time-stop spell, allowing Kira to use an invisibility pendant. Edgin and Holga gave her to place an anti-magic bracelet on Sofina as a child so that the team could defeat her. Holga is revealed to have been fatally injured in the battle, but Edgin and Kira use the tablet to bring her back to life, with Edgin admitting that he only wanted to bring back his wife for his own sake, despite the fact that Holga is a true member of their family after all these years.

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