Gaalodu is (2023) indian South indian Action , Drama, Romantic Film release in Hindi And Telugu language In Theater ,
The movie Tells a Transformational Journey of a Irresinsoble And poor guy from village . Name Raju is a poor  Person wandors as He Gaalodu .Shukla oves the hero Even though She is a rich maGirl With a good Education.Why does the heroine Fall in love With raju. 

Genre - Action ,Drama

Release - 2 April (2023)

Director - RajaSekhar

Runtime - 2h 15mint 




Sudigali Sudheer

gehna Sippy



Shakalaka Shankar


After a quarrel with the son of a village head, Raju, a wild young man from the countryside, flees to Hyderabad. As he wanders aimlessly through the streets of the city, he meets Shukla, a kind-hearted young woman from a prosperous family, by coincidence. She tries to assist him, and the subsequent incidents cause her to see another side of the hardy nomad. starts to love him eventually. 

What transpires when Shukla falls head over heels in love with Raju? What is Raju trying to escape?
Sudheer Anand Bayana, well known on Telugu television as Sudigali Sudheer and a well-known comedian and presenter, displayed a different and heroic side in the blockbuster Gaalodu. He gave an impressive performance overall, putting on a sleek appearance, dancing with ease, and fighting with ease in the action scenes. The narrative of the film follows the development of a reckless and irresponsible villager. Shukla, played by Gehna Sippy, served as the impetus.

totally smitten with Raju, a.k.a. Rajini. The actress, who was portraying the girl with a nice soul, was endearing and amazing. Comedy actors Sapthagiri, who played a wealthy beggar, and Shakalaka Shankar, who played a cook, played significant and pertinent roles and supplied amusing humour. Prudvi, Satya Krishna, and others were cast members.

Sudigali Sudheer and Gehna Sippy star in Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla's action-packed populist entertainment, Gaalodu, which stays true to its genre and has a thin plot. As a frontman, Sudheer made a name for himself. If you put your analytical mind to rest and watch the film without having any expectations, it's for you.

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