"Get in the Dark" is a Chinese thriller directed by Liu Mei and starring Zhou Yutong and Xie Binbin. The plot revolves around Yan, a young girl who goes to a new city and becomes embroiled in a risky game with her new pals.

Genre - Horror

Release - 3 Jan (2023)

Director - Cheng Si u

Runtime - 1h 37mint




Zihan Chen

Danny Kwok

The narrative of the film centres around a game known as "Finger-Guessing," which is popular among Chinese youth. Yan and her new companions become infatuated with the game, which includes anticipating the outcome of the players' finger gestures. The game, however, takes a nasty turn when the group begins playing for greater sums, putting Yan in danger.

The film's strongest points are its atmospheric and dramatic storytelling. Throughout the film, the director masterfully generates a sense of dread and tension, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The performances of the principal actors are particularly outstanding, with Zhou Yutong standing out as Yan.

The film does have certain issues, most of which are linked to the pacing and character development. The pacing is languid at times, and the characters, with the exception of Yan, are underdeveloped, leaving the audience feeling distant from them.

Overall, "Get in the Dark" is a solid thriller that fans of the genre should watch. It's not an innovative film, but its virtues include strong storytelling and tense atmosphere.
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