Anurag Basu's "Mrs. Undercover" is a Hindi-language comedy film starring Radhika Madan and Sunny Kaushal.

The plot revolves around a young couple named Megha (Radhika Madan) and Bunty (Sunny Kaushal) who are striving to make ends meet. Megha, a homemaker, decides to work as an undercover agent for the government agency RAW to supplement her income.

Genre - Comedy/Thriller/Mystery

Release - 14 April (2023)

Director - Anushree Mehta

Produced By - Abir Sengupta




RAdhika Apte

Sumeet Vyas

Angana Roy

Varun Nag

Rajesh Sharma


The idea of the film is intriguing and has a lot of promise for comedy, but it falls short owing to poor execution. The film falls short of the anticipated chuckles and appears to depend too much on clich├ęs and predictable jokes. The film's pacing is slow, and the editing is choppy at moments.

As Megha, Radhika Madan gives a good performance, but her character lacks depth and fails to connect with the audience. Sunny Kaushal's characters, as well as Shikhar Dhawan and Rukshar Dhillon, fall flat.

The music and cinematography are good, but they don't help the film's overall quality. The dialogue and screenplay are both lacklustre, and the film's attempts at social commentary come across as forced and pompous.

In conclusion, "Mrs. Undercover" is a dismal picture that falls short of its expectations. Despite an intriguing theory, the film's execution falls flat, and the performances are at best poor. The movie is forgettable and not worth your time.
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