Murder Mystery 2 is a American Action,Comedy , Drama Film Directed By - Jeremy Garelick and Written By - James Vanderbilt It is sequel to the film Murder Mystery.

Now private dectective launch their own agency Nick and audrey spitz land at thee center of international invistigation when a friend is obducted.

Genre - Action , Drama , Comedy

Release - 31 March (2023)

Director - Jeremy Garelick 

Runtime - 1h 29mint

Distributed By - Netflix




Jenifer Aniston

Adam Sandler

Melanie Laurent

Mark Strong

Kuhoo Verna


Nick and Audrey Spitz resigned their jobs and launched a detective agency that doesn't fare well four years after the killings in Monte Carlo. Their buddy Vikram "The Maharajah" Govindan invites them to his wedding on his brand-new private island. The Spitzes hesitate for a while before deciding to go. They meet Claudette, Vikram's French fiancée, on the island. They also reunite with Colonel Ulenga, who lost his arm after being shot in Mumbai while defending Vikram. The Spitzes encounter acerbic Baroness Sekou and her sidekick Imani, former football player Francisco Perez who is continually flirting with Audrey, and Vikram's sister Saira at the wedding party. An elephant enters the room during the dance, purportedly carrying Vikram.

The Spitzes discover that someone was luring the elephant into the tent and kidnapping Vikram at the same time. The suspects (Perez, Sekou, Imani, Saira, and Claudette) quickly start interrogating one another about one another's pasts. A group of elite investigators arrive on the island the following morning under the command of veteran MI6 hostage negotiator Connor Miller. When the abductor contacts Nick and asks to talk with him, Nick says Vikram will either die or $70 million must be handed to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The Spitzes are dropped off by Miller in Paris close to the Arc de Triomphe, and the kidnappers lead them to a van. A battle breaks out in the van, and they crash into Café Procope with all of the kidnappers dead.

She pretends to have spilled her henna during the disturbance when Saira misinterprets it for blood during their talk. The elephant handler who murdered Mr. Lou was wearing a coat with a henna stain because it wasn't dry, Audrey realises, and Saira vanished before the elephant entered. Nick concludes that despite her being the clever one, Vikram ended up getting the family business, which is why this happened. Audrey also says that Saira attempted to murder Vikram in Mumbai, which cost the Colonel an arm. Saira pulls out a gun and moves to shoot Vikram, but the Colonel stops her, wounding him in the other arm. Then, Claudette uses the cash briefcase to knock Saira out. Vikram pledges to get the Colonel bionic weapons.

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