Ravanasura  is a 2023 Indian Telugu psychological action thriller film directed by Sudheer Varma based on a story by Srikanth Vissa. Ravi Teja, Jayaram, Sushanth, Murali Sharma, Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Daksha Nagarkar, and Pujita Ponnada star in the ensemble cast.

In addition to acting, Ravi Teja co-produced the film with Abhishek Nama's Abhishek Pictures through RT Team Works.

Genre - Crime/Mystery/Adventure

Release - 7 April (2023)

Director - Sudheer Verma

Runtime - 2h 21mint

Budget - 50crore

Producer - Ravi Teja

Production Company - Abhishek Production




Daksha Nagarkar

Faria Abdullah

Annu Emmanuel

Megha Akash

Ravi Teja


Ravindra is a junior lawyer working under his ex-girlfriend Kanaka Mahalakshmi, where he meets Harika Talwar, the R&D head of a pharmaceutical company Syncox Pharma, who requests him to prove her father Vijay Talwar's innocence as he was arrested for a murder of a head, but things take a twisty turn as DIG Narasimha Murthy, along with some two goons and a doctor are brutally murdered,

Ravindra actually kidnapped Saketh, a make-up artist, and forced him into constructing prosthetic faces by kidnapping his lover Jaanu. Ravindra later murders Harika while disguised as Kanaka's husband Sekhar, and Sekhar is jailed. Saketh, Jaanu, and Hanumanth Rao ultimately meet Ravi and learn about his true intentions in a cat-and-mouse game. Ravi discloses that his father had an illness, when he met Dr. Shanti and discovered that Syncox Pharma had ties to the medical mafia and was participating in unethical human trials.

Harika, Home Minister Mudi Reddy, and Vijay Talwar, the masterminds behind the plan, enlist the assistance of Shekar, Narasimha Murthy, and the two goons to finish Dr. Shanthi in order to cover their tracks. Recognizing this, Saketh agrees to assist Ravi in his mission. Ravi later kills Mudi Reddy at a political gathering and blames Mudi Reddy's henchmen Devaraju and closes

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