Christopher Nolan's Tenet is a science-fiction action thriller film. The film revolves around "The Protagonist," played by John David Washington, a CIA operative who becomes engaged in a worldwide struggle involving time inversion, a device that allows items and people to travel backward in time.

Genre - Science/Fiction

Release - 2020

Director - Christopher Nolan

Budget - $210Million

Box office - $360Million


The plot begins with a terrorist attack on a Kiev opera venue. The protagonist is apprehended by terrorists but manages to dodge interrogation by swallowing a cyanide pill. He awakens to find himself recruited into Tenet, a mystery organisation whose objective it is to counter an oncoming threat that could lead to the end of the planet.

The Protagonist crosses the world, from Mumbai to Oslo to Kiev, in quest of a Russian tycoon named Andrei Sator (played by Kenneth Branagh), who has gained the ability to reverse time and intends to use it for personal advantage.

As the Protagonist dives more into the Tenet and inversion worlds, he realises that the stakes are larger than he could have anticipated, and that the only way to save the world is to risk all.

Without giving too much away about the plot, Tenet is to completely comprehend. A car pursuit that incorporates both forward and backward movement in time, as well as a final battle that takes place across numerous timelines, are among the film's spectacular action sequences.