Thor, the strong Asgardian warrior and prince, is banished from his kingdom by his father Odin after disobeying his commands and causing a dangerous scenario. Thor is stripped of his powers and transported to Earth, where he meets astronomer Jane Foster and her team.

Genre - Action/Adventure

Release - 29April (2011)

Director - Kenneth Branagh

Budget - $160Million

Box office - $449.3Million

Distributed - Paramount Pictures 

Producer - Kevin Fiege

Runtime - 1h 54mint




Chris Hemsworth

Natalie Portman

Tom Hiddelson

Kat Dennings

Anthony Hopkins


Meanwhile, after Odin slips into a deep sleep, Thor's villainous adopted brother Loki ascends to the throne of Asgard. Thor must learn humility and reclaim his worthiness before regaining his powers and returning to Asgard to stop Loki from wreaking havoc.

Thor fights a variety of foes throughout the film, including the Destroyer, a magical robot built by Odin to protect Asgard, and Loki, who employs cunning and deception to hinder Thor's efforts.

Thor eventually learns his lesson and proves himself worthy of his might, conquering Loki and saving Asgard and Earth from annihilation. As a hero, he returns to Asgard and reconciles with his father Odin.
The film had positive critical reception and box office success, spawning multiple sequels and spinoffs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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