Michael Bay's 2019 action picture "6 Underground" stars Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Corey Hawkins, and Dave Franco.
The film depicts a group of six smart individuals who fake their own deaths in order to become "ghosts," and then utilise their new identities to hunt down deadly criminals all across the world. "One" (Ryan Reynolds) leads the crew, a billionaire who has resolved to utilise his riches and resources to fight injustice and corruption.

Genre - Action/Comedy

Release - 10 December (2019)

Director - Michel bay

Budget - $150Million

Producer - lan Bruk

Runtime - 2h 8mint




Ryan Reynolds

Melaine Laurent

Manual garcio

Adria Arjona

Dave Franco


The team's most recent mission brings them to Turgistan, a fictitious Middle Eastern country ruled by a man who promises peace and democracy. They must handle deadly automobile chases, shootouts, and explosives along the way, all while staying one step ahead of the dictator's thugs.
Turgistan, a fictitious Middle Eastern country headed by a brutal tyrant named Rovach Alimov, is the team's most recent operation. One's goal is to depose Alimov and establish a new leader who will bring the country peace and democracy.

To complete this mission, One assembles a team of experts, including former CIA agent "Two" (Mélanie Laurent), hitman and explosives expert "Three" (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), parkour runner and thief "Four" (Ben Hardy), parkour runner and thief "Five" (Adria Arjona), doctor who is also an expert in electronics and hacking, and "

The squad must traverse Turgistan's perilous political terrain, which includes car chases, shootouts, and explosives, while staying one step ahead of Alimov's goons. The crew finds a network of corruption and deception that stretches all the way to the top of the government along the way.

As the mission progresses, tensions among the team members mount, and they must overcome personal problems and hurdles to complete their task. Despite the risk and the odds stacked against them, the squad is steadfast in their determination to finish their goal and restore independence to Turgistan.

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