"Extraction 2" is an action thriller film directed by Sam Hargrave and written by Joe Russo that was released in 2022. The film is a sequel to the 2020 film "Extraction," starring Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a former black ops mercenary hired for a new assignment.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Initial release - 16 June 2023

Director - Sam Hargrave

Written By - Joe Russo

Budget - $110Million

Producer - Chris Hemsworth

Distributed - Netflix


Chris Hemsworth

Rudraksh Jaiswal

Shined Pheleps

Sammy Jones Heaney



Tyler Rake begins the film in hiding in Australia, attempting to put his past behind him. His last assignment in Bangladesh, where he lost his comrade and fellow mercenary Nik Khan, haunts him. Gaetan Dumas, a former coworker, approaches Tyler and offers him a task rescuing the kidnapped son of an international criminal mastermind named Oleg Kazakov.

Tyler is initially hesitant to accept the job, but he reconsiders after learning that the youngster, Yaroslav, is Nik Khan's son. Tyler accepts the assignment and travels to Russia, where he joins forces with Nik's former partner, Saju Rav, and a new ally, a Russian operative named Maria. They quickly realise that the task is more difficult than they anticipated, as they are not the only ones hunting for Yaroslav.
A group of Kazakov's and a competing mercenary team lead by an old acquaintance of Tyler's, Gaspar, stand in their way. Tyler and his squad are forced to fight their way through Moscow's streets in order to keep Yaroslav alive and out of Kazakov's clutches.

Tyler learns more about Yaroslav's past and the circumstances behind his captivity as the mission progresses. He also addresses his own past and his relationship with Nik Khan as he attempts to atone for his misdeeds in the past. Tyler and his squad eventually succeed in rescuing Yaroslav and defeating Kazakov and his thugs.

Tyler leaves Russia and returns to Australia to reunite with his separated wife and children. He considers his history and future as he resolves to put his mercenary days behind him and devote his time to his family. As the film concludes, Tyler receives a mystery message from Gaetan Dumas, hinting to a new assignment and adventure.

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