"Extraction" is an action-thriller film that premiered on Netflix in 2020. Tyler Rake (Christopher Hemsworth) is a black-market mercenary recruited to rescue the kidnapped son of an international criminal lord.

Genre  - Action/Thriller

Release - 24 April (2020)

Director - Sam Hargrave

Budget - $60Million

Box office - $450Million

Runtime - 1h 56mint 




Chris Hemsworth

Randeep Hooda 

Sam Hargrave

Rudraksh Jaiswal

Sara Rumao


Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) has been kidnapped by a rival drug lord and is being imprisoned in Bangladesh. Tyler embarks on a perilous quest to retrieve Ovi, but rapidly realises that the mission is far more complicated than he anticipated

Tyler and Ovi are being pursued through Dhaka's packed streets by a merciless band of criminals who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the child. Tyler and Ovi find themselves in increasingly risky situations with each step they take, and it becomes evident that their only shot of survival is to work together.

As the tension mounts and the death count increases, Tyler and Ovi must fight their way through the city, overcoming apparently insurmountable odds, if they are to survive. Finally, Tyler must make a difficult choice that will determine the fate of both himself and Ovi.

Overall, "Extraction" is an explosive, adrenaline-fueled film that highlights Chris Hemsworth's action skills and will keep fans on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

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