Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan (PS 1) is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language historical epic film. Vikram, Jayam Ravi, Karthi, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Trisha Krishnan, and Keerthy Suresh appear in the film. The story is set in the 10th century during the Chola Empire and follows Arulmozhivarman, the Chola crown prince, who is exiled from the kingdom by his own father, Sundara Chola. Arulmozhivarman goes out to recover the throne and unite the Chola Empire with his allies Vandhiyathevan and Kundavai.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 30 September (2022)

Director - Mani Ratnam

Budget - est 300 crore INR

Box office - est 480-500 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 50mint




Aishwarya Rai Bachhan

Trisha Krishnan


Sobhita Dhulipala

Sara Arjun


The film begins with the crowning of Sundara Chola as the Chola Empire's new monarch. Sundara Chola is a smart and just monarch who is well-liked by his subjects. Arulmozhivarman, Vandhiyathevan, and Kundavai are Sundara Chola's three sons. The eldest son, Arulmozhivarman, is the successor to the throne. Vandhiyathevan, the second son, is a valiant and faithful warrior. Kundavai, the eldest child, is a clever and intelligent princess.

Sundara Chola is a good ruler, yet he is very cautious. He is aware that the Chola Empire is surrounded by adversaries, and he wishes to ensure the safety of his realm. Sundara Chola decides to marry Kundavai, his daughter.
Arulmozhivarman is not pleased with this marriage. He adores Kundavai and does not want her to marry someone else. Arulmozhivarman tries to persuade his father to reconsider, but Sundara Chola is resolute. The wedding takes place, and Arulmozhivarman is distraught.

His father exiles Arulmozhivarman from the realm. He is charged with treason and forced to flee for his life. Arulmozhivarman visits the Pandya Empire and encounters Kundavai. Kundavai is still in love with Arulmozhivarman and assists him in plotting his revenge on his father.

Arulmozhivarman and his companions Vandhiyathevan and Kundavai set out to recover the Chola Empire's throne. They will confront numerous obstacles along the way, but they are determined to succeed. The film concludes with Arulmozhivarman ascending to the throne of the Chola Empire.

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