Ponniyin Selven PS 2 takes place in the 10th century CE, during the Chola era. The Cholas were one of India's most powerful dynasties, ruling over much of the subcontinent.

Genre - Action/Thriller/Historical

Release - 28 April 2023

Director - Mani Ratnam

Budget - 230 Crore INR

Box office - est 325 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 45mint




Aishwarya Rai


Sara Arjun


Jayam Ravi

Kamal Hassan


the plot revolves around Arulmozhivarman, the son of Chola emperor Sundara Chola and Kundavai. Arulmozhivarman is a clever and ambitious young man who is destined to control the world.
However, Arulmozhivarman's route to the throne is not without difficulty. He must first overcome his family's problems and the Chola court's political intrigue. He must also contend with the Pandya dynasty, which is eager to depose the Cholas.

Arulmozhivarman ultimately shows to be a worthy heir to his father. He defeats the Pandyas and brings the Chola empire together. In addition, he ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity for India.
Ponniyin Selvan is a Tamil name. PS 2 is a historical epic about one of India's most powerful dynasties. It's a love story about loss and redemption. It's a narrative that will stick with you long after you've finished watching it.
Sundara Chola and Kundavai's son is Arulmozhivarman. He is a clever and ambitious young guy who is destined to control the world.
Arulmozhivarman manages to flee Rajaraja's clutches and goes into hiding. He then starts rallying support for his cause. He meets with the Chola army leaders and promises them that he will be a just and merciful ruler.

Arulmozhivarman also talks with Chola navy leaders, promising them that he will protect their interests. The fleet is critical to the Chola empire because it protects the empire's commerce routes.
Arulmozhivarman is able to mount a rebellion against Rajaraja with the help of the army and navy. Arulmozhivarman is anointed king once the uprising is successful.

The rule of Arulmozhivarman is not without difficulties. The Pandya dynasty remains a menace, launching a number of invasions against the Chola empire. However, Arulmozhivarman defeats the Pandyas and protects the Chola empire's frontiers.

Arulmozhivarman is a great ruler who is well-liked by his subjects. He is well-known for his intelligence, justice, and compassion. He is also well-known for his appreciation of the arts and culture.
The Chola empire experienced a golden age under Arulmozhivarman's reign. The empire has reached its pinnacle of power and riches. Arulmozhivarman was a magnificent monarch and is hailed as one of India's finest kings.

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