2018 Everyone is a Hero : , a mystery virus swept the planet, killing billions and transforming survivors into superhuman beings. As heroes and villains fought for dominance, the world descended into chaos.

Genre - Drama/Mystery

Release - 5 May 2023

Director - Jude Anthany Josefh

Budget - 90 crore INR

Box office - 171.21 crore INR

Production Company - Kavya Film 

Runtime - 2h 15mint




Tovino Thomas

Tanvi Ram

Asif Ali

Aparna Balamurali


Vineet Srivasan


Hope, a young woman, emerged as a new hero in 2023. Hope was unlike the other heroes. She lacked superpowers, but she had a golden heart and a burning desire to save the world.
Hope joined forces with a gang of other heroes, including Mindy, a powerful telekinetic, Jax, a skillful martial artist, and Dr. Chen, a clever scientist. They established the group Everyone is a Hero.
Everyone is a Hero battled the adversaries, including the villainous Dr. Doom, who was out to dominate the world. Dr. Doom was eventually defeated and the world was saved by Hope and her squad.

Hope realised after the struggle that everyone has the capacity to be a hero. She established a school to teach young people how to use their abilities for good. Hope's school became a symbol of hope for the rest of the world, and a new generation of heroes arose to protect the innocent.
Because of Hope, the world was a better place. She demonstrated to everyone that it makes no difference whether you have superpowers or not. A hero can be anyone.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has transformed the majority of the population into superhuman beings.
The film tells the narrative of Hope, a young lady who becomes a hero despite the fact that she lacks abilities.
A powerful telekinetic, a skillful martial artist, and a clever scientist are among the characters in the film.
The film is packed with action, adventure, and passion.
The film serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of their ability, can be a hero.

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