Bloody Daddy is a brutal crime lord who wields an iron grasp over the city. Everyone, including his own men, fears him. One person, however, is not terrified of Bloody Daddy: his daughter, Angel.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 9 June 2023

Director - ALi Abbas Zafar

Production Company - Jio Studios


Shahid Kapoor 

Diana Penty

Ankur Bhatia

Sanjay Kapoor

Ronit Roy

Rajeev Khandelwal

Angel is a young woman who is hell-bent on bringing down her father. She knows he's a monster, and she'll go to any length to stop him. But Bloody Daddy will not relinquish his reign without a battle. He will go to any length to protect his empire, including murdering his own daughter.
The fight between violent Daddy and Angel is both violent and brutal. Both sides are determined to go to any length to win.

Who will triumph? Will Bloody Daddy be able to keep his hold on power? Will Angel be able to finally bring her father down?
The solution can be found on the city's streets, where the war for dominance is about to commence.
Here's a longer version of the story:

Angel is a young woman who has always had a tight relationship with her father, Bloody Daddy. He is a formidable crime lord who wields absolute influence over the city. Angel soon realises, however, that her father is not the guy she believed he was. He is cruel and violent, and he will kill everyone who stands in his way.

Angel is devastated when she learns that her father is responsible for her best friend's death, and she vows to bring him down no matter what. Angel begins by gathering evidence of her father's crimes, and she also begins to build a network of allies who can help her in her quest. But Bloody Daddy is not going to let his daughter take him down without a fight, and he sends his goons after her, forcing her to go into hiding.

Angel and her father have a brutal fight at the end of the novel. Angel triumphs in the end, and her father is dead. However, success comes at a heavy cost. Angel has been injured and is forced to pick up the pieces of her life.
Bloody Daddy's narrative is a cautionary tale about the consequences of power. It's also a narrative about the power of love and the value of standing up for what's right.

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