Chidiakhana : A young woman named Chidiakhana lives in a rural town in India in 2023. She is a gifted artist, but her family is impoverished, and she cannot afford to attend school. A wealthy businessman arrives to the town one day and promises to fund Chidiakhana's schooling.

Genre - Drama/Sport

Release - 2 june 2023 

Director - Manish Tiwari

Runtime - 1h 55mint




Avneet Kaur

Ravi Kishan

Ritwik Sahore

Rajeshwari Sachdeva

Prashant narayanan

Govind Namdev


Chidiakhana is pleased and decides to attend school in the city. She works hard in school and becomes a successful artist. She utilises her work to bring awareness about the issues that women face in India. Her art is also used to promote peace and harmony.

Chidiakhana becomes a national hero, and she is invited to speak at international conferences all over the world. She uses her platform to advocate for equality and to speak out against injustice
Chidiakhana is invited to present at a conference in the United States one day. She is thrilled to share her message with a new audience. When she gets at the conference, however, she is treated with hatred. Some individuals are offended by her paintings and accuse her of stirring up controversy.
Chidiakhana is saddened by the conference attendees' reaction. But not to give up. She is still speaking out against injustice and promoting equality for all. She understands that her art has the potential to change the world.

Chidiakhana's tale shows how one person can make a difference. She represents all of us. She demonstrates that if we are committed to attain our goals, we can overcome any hurdle.
Chidiakhana's family was impoverished, and she could not afford to attend school.
Discrimination based on gender: Chidiakhana endured discrimination because she was a woman.
Chidiakhana encountered cultural hurdles when she went to the city.

Establishment hostility: When Chidiakhana spoke out against injustice, she received criticism from the establishment.
Despite these obstacles, Chidiakhana never lost up. She fought on for what she believed in and made a difference in the world.

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