Custody: Siva, a dedicated constable, is given a difficult task when he is assigned to protect Priya, a brave young woman who has accused a prominent politician of rape. Unbeknownst to Siva, the entire police department has been corrupted by the politician's influence, and they are hell-bent on permanently silencing Priya.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 12 May 2023

Director - Venkat Prabhu

Producer - Srinvasaa Chittru

Budget - 80 crore INR

Box office - 26.7 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 28mint




Naga Chaitnya

Krithi Shetty

Arvind Swamy



Realizing the imminent danger Priya faces, Siva takes her to a hidden shelter. However, their relaxation is short-lived as the cops rapidly track them down. With the law on their side, Siva and Priya are forced into a risky pursuit, chased not only by law enforcement but also by the politician's thugs. Their safety is dependent on their ingenuity and bravery as they race against the clock to discover the truth and ensure justice is delivered.

Siva and Priya succeed in unravelling the web of corruption that surrounds the politician, resulting to his downfall in a dramatic climax. Siva, on the other hand, pays the ultimate sacrifice, losing his life in the quest of justice. While Priya mourns the loss of her brave defender, she finds comfort in knowing that Siva's sacrifice was not in vain.

Custody is a high-octane action thriller with a consistent theme on the need of battling for justice. The film features outstanding performances and direction, as well as amazing action sequences. Critics have praised Custody as a fascinating and suspenseful cinematic experience, advising fans of action thrillers and social justice dramas to see it.

Here are some of the critics' thoughts on Custody:
"A thrilling and suspenseful ride from start to finish." - The Chronicle
"An absolute must-see for fans of action thrillers." - The Journal
"Custody is a potent film that delivers a powerful message about the fight for justice." - The Chicago Tribune
Custody is a testament to its fascinating storyline, and it is both amusing and thought-provoking. Custody is a picture you won't want to miss if you're looking for an intense and suspense-filled drama with a strong moral core.

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