Hypnotic : Daniel Rourke (Ben Affleck) is a disturbed detective. Minnie, his daughter, has been missing for three years, and his marriage has crumbled. He is currently undergoing psychological testing to establish his fitness for service.

Genre - Action/Spy/Mystery

Release - 12 may 2023

Director - Robert Rodriguez

Budget - $65 Million

Box office - $5.7Million

Runtime - 1h 33mint




Ben Affeck

Alice Braga

Williom Fitcher

hala Finley

Dayo Okeniyi

JD pardo


Rourke is called in to investigate a bank robbery one day. Lev Dellrayne (William Fichtner), a hypnotist who appears to have the ability to control people's thoughts, is the only suspect. Rourke is initially sceptical, but soon realises that Dellrayne is more deadly than he imagined.
Rourke becomes entangled in a realm of mind control and lies. He soon discovers that Dellrayn is the only one with these abilities. The Division, a secret government programme, is in charge of training and controlling those with these skills.

To stop Dellrayne and the Division, Rourke teams up with Diana Cruz (Rosario Dawson), a skilled clairvoyant. They quickly realise they are in over their heads. The Division is powerful and merciless, and they will go to any length to keep their secrets safe.
Rourke and Cruz must race against the clock to prevent Dellrayne and the Division from unleashing their powers on the globe.

Finally, Dellrayne and the Division were defeated. However, victory comes at a price. Minnie is killed in the crossfire, leaving Rourke heartbroken.
Despite the loss of his daughter, Rourke is motivated to help others with his newfound knowledge. He establishes a foundation to assist those who have been afflicted by mind control. He also becomes an outspoken supporter of government oversight of the use of these powers.
Rourke's story serves as a warning about the perils of mind control. It's also a narrative of redemption and optimism. Rourke is a man who has lost everything, yet he has found a way to rebuild his life and contribute to society.

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