Kantara (2022) is a Kannada-language action thriller film written and directed by Rishab Shetty and produced by Hombale Films' Vijay Kiragandur. Shetty plays a Kambala champion who clashes with an upright forest officer, Murali (played by Kishore). Principal photography began in August 2021 in Keradi, Karnataka's coastal town. Arvind S. Kashyap handled the cinematography, with B. Suresh cranking the camera for the songs. V. Harikrishna composed the film's music.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 30 September 2022

Director - Rishab Shetty

Budget - 16 crore INR

Box office - est 400-500 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 30mint

Production Comapany - Homabale Films




Rishab Shatty

Sapthami Gowda

Manasi Sudhir


Swaraj Shetty

Achyuth Kumar


The plot centres around Shiva (Rishabh Shetty), a Kambala champion living in a tribal community on the coast of Karnataka. The village is home to a sacred forest, which the inhabitants guard. Devendra (Achyuth Kumar), a greedy businessman, nevertheless,
, wishes to construct a forest resort. He pays Murali, a forest ranger, to assist him. Murali agrees, and the villagers are ordered to leave the jungle.

Shiva refuses to leave the forest and rallies the people against Devendra. Murali instructs the police to open fire on the villagers when the protest gets violent. Shiva is arrested after several people are slaughtered.

Shiva is released on bail and vows to avenge the villagers' murders. He seeks the assistance of a tribal priest, who provides him with a powerful weapon. Shiva employs the weapon in his fight against Devendra and his henchmen. He ultimately beats Devendra and saves the jungle.
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