Moonfall 2022 knocks the moon out of orbit and sends it rushing towards Earth. NASA astronaut Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) and a team of scientists must race against time to discover a method to preserve the world with only a few weeks until impact.

Genre - Sci-FI/Action

Release - 4 February 2022

Director - Roland Emrrich

Box office - 6.73 crore USD

Budget - $138-146 Million

Runtime - 2h 10mint




Patrick Wilson

Halle Berry

John Bradley

Kelly Yu

Charlie Plummer

Donald Sutterland


Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), a former NASA astronaut sacked following a controversial event, and KC Houseman (John Bradley), a conspiracy theorist who believes the Moon is not what it appears to be, join Fowler.
The team rapidly realises that the Moon is not a natural satellite, but rather a massive alien spaceship sent to Earth to destroy it. Fowler and her team, together with (Charlie Plummer), must discover a means to stop the Moon before it's too late.

Roland Emmerich, famed for disaster films such as Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, directed the film. Critics gave Moonfall mixed reviews, with some complimenting its visual effects and action sequences and others criticising its plot and acting.
Moonfall was a box office triumph, grossing over $143 million worldwide despite mixed reviews. Berry was nominated for two Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture and Worst Actress.
A strange force knocks the Moon out of orbit.

Jo Fowler, a NASA astronaut, is tasked with leading a team to save the Earth.
Brian Harper, a former NASA astronaut, and KC Houseman, a conspiracy theorist, join Fowler on the show.
The team discovers that the Moon is an extraterrestrial spaceship, not a natural satellite.
The team must figure out how to stop the Moon from destroying Earth.
The team is successful in stopping the Moon, but at a high cost.
Moonfall is an aesthetically pleasing picture with some thrilling action sequences. However, the plot is a little complicated, and the performance is uneven. Overall, Moonfall is a fun catastrophe film that will appeal to fans of the genre.

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