Prey In the year 1719, a Comanche woman named Naru (Amber Midthunder) lives in the Great Plains with her son. Naru's son goes missing one day, and she sets out to find him. Soon after, she learns that a troop of Comanche warriors has been ambushed by a group of white men led by Col. John Brooder (Dan Stevens). Brooder and his soldiers are on the hunt for a mysterious creature they believe is responsible for their friends' deaths.

Genre - Action/Sci-fi/Adventure

Release - 21 july 2022

Director - Dan Trechtenberg

Budget - 6.5 crore USD

Box office - 10 crore USD

Runtime - 1h 40mint




Amber Midthunder

Dakota Beavers

Dane Diligro

Michelle thrush

Stefeny mathius


Naru pursues Brooder and his troops after witnessing them torture a Comanche warrior. She steps in and kills Brooder's soldiers, but Brooder escapes. Naru returns the wounded warrior to her camp and informs her about the beast. He claims that it is huge.
Naru and the warrior went out to find and slay the beast. They quickly learn that the creature is a Yautja, an alien race that hunts for sport. The Yautja is armed with a spear, a plasma caster, and a wrist-mounted sword, among other things.

The Yautja is killed by Naru and the warrior, but not before it murders several of their companions. Finally, Naru is left to grieve the loss of her people and ponder the significance of her victory.
Prey is a prequel to the Predator franchise that chronicles the narrative of the first encounter between humans and Yautja. The film is set in the 18th century and primarily stars Native Americans. Dan Trachtenberg directed Prey, which stars Amber Midthunder, Dan Stevens, and Storm Reid.

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