Renfield (2023), directed by Chris McKay, stars Nicholas Hoult, Nicolas Cage, Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz, and Shohreh Aghdashloo. Renfield, a Dracula henchman who is sick of his life of slavery, is the protagonist of the film. He flees Dracula and attempts to start a new life, but Dracula will not let him go easily.

Genre - Horror/Comedy

Release - 14 April 2023

Director - Chris Mckey

Budget - 6.5Crore USD

Box office - $25.3 Million

Runtime - 1h 33mint 




Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Hoult


Jenna Kannel

Brandon Scott Jones


Renfield (Hoult) is confined to a mental institution at the start of the film. He is a peculiar and disturbing patient who claims to be Dracula's servant. The asylum doctors are sceptical about his assertions, but they are also interested. They decide to keep him under surveillance.
Meanwhile, Dracula (Cage) is a powerful vampire who is aware of Renfield's ability to transform people into vampires and wishes to enlist him to his cause. Dracula dispatches his minions to the asylum to grab Renfield, but Renfield manages to escape.

Renfield continues on the run and eventually encounters Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina). Rebecca is a scientist who is working on a vampire cure.  Renfield's expertise of vampires impresses her, and she begs him to assist her with her research.
Renfield and Rebecca work together to destroy Dracula. They are joined by a group of vampire hunters, including Vladislav (Schwartz), a vampire. The party sets out to destroy Dracula and his henchmen, and in order to succeed, they must employ all of their skills and resources.
Renfield is a thrilling horror-comedy film. It's packed with action, comedy, and terror. The cast is fantastic, and the special effects are fantastic. Renfield is a must-see for horror and humour aficionados both.

Here are some of the comments made by critics about the film:
"Renfield is a hilarious and action-packed horror-comedy that will leave you both laughing and screaming." - According to The Hollywood Reporter
"Nicholas Hoult gives a standout performance as Renfield, and Nicolas Cage is a hoot as Dracula." - Varieties
"Renfield is a refreshingly original take on the vampire genre that's sure to please fans of both horror and comedy." - IGN

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