Scream VI : Woodsboro is once again drenched with blood, 25 years after the events of the first Scream film. A new Ghostface assassin is on the street, targeting a group of kids linked to the initial murders.

Genre - Action/Horror

Release - 10 march 2023

Director - Tyler Gillet

Budget - $33-35 Million

Box office - $168.8 Million

Runtime - 2h 6mint




jenna Ortega

Mellisa Barera

hayden pannttire

Jack Champion

Samara Weaving

Courteney Cox


Tara Carpenter, the younger sister of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), the heroine of the original Scream films, is the first victim. Tara is attacked at home and barely survives.
The police suspect the killer is targeting persons connected to the original murders, so they enlist Sidney's assistance in their investigation. Sidney is initially hesitant, but she eventually agrees to assist.
As the inquiry continues, it becomes evident that the killer is not only targeting persons associated with the original murders. They are also attempting to attract fans of the Scream films.

The killer is playing a game with the survivors, and they are killing according to the rules of the Scream films. Before they become the next victims, the survivors must figure out how to stop the killer.
The survivors are eventually able to stop the killer, but not before they have all been damaged by the experience. The perpetrator is revealed to be a former Woodsboro resident who was infatuated with the Scream films. They were inspired to kill by the brutality and gore they witnessed in movies.

The survivors of the murders discover that the real-life effects of violence are considerably worse than anything they have seen in the movies. They also learn that if they work together, they can overcome their fears and trauma.

Scream VI is a meta-horror film that pays homage to the Scream franchise while simultaneously delving into the real-world ramifications of violence. The film serves as a reminder that horror films are simply that: films. They are not genuine, and should not be used as a model for how to act in real life.

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