The Boogeyman is a David Yarovesky-directed horror film starring Sophie Thatcher, Vivien Lyra Blair, and Chris Messina. Following their mother's death, two sisters are haunted by a demonic creature.

Genre - Horror/Thriller

Release - 2 June 2023

Director - Rob Savage

Budget - $35 Million

Box office - $20.1 Million

Producer - Shawn Levy

Runtime - 1h 38mint




Shophia Thatchar

David Dastmalchian

Chris Massina

Marin Ireland

Lisagay Hamiltom


Will (Messina), a therapist, his teenage daughter Sadie (Thatcher), and his preteen daughter Sawyer (Blair) are introduced in the film. The family is still in shock following the death of their mother, Cara, in a car accident.
Lester Billings (David Dastmalchian), a weird man, comes up at the Harpers' house one day. Lester informs Will that he is being pursued by a supernatural force. Lester claims that the thing murdered his three children and that it is now hunting him.

Lester hangs himself in the house of the Harpers, and the monster appears to follow him. The thing begins to terrorise Sawyer, and Sadie suspects it is connected to Lester's death. Sadie listens to a recording of Lester's meeting with Will and discovers that all of Lester's children were murdered in their sleep.
Lester's death is investigated by Sadie and Sawyer. They travel to Billings' house, which has now been abandoned. They discover Rita (Betty Gabriel), Lester's estranged wife, inside the house. Rita informs Sadie and Sawyer that the thing is real and is known as "The Boogeyman."

When Sadie and Sawyer return home, they prepare to confront The Boogeyman. They fortify the doors and windows with barricades and arm themselves with guns. When the Boogeyman attacks, Sadie and Sawyer are forced to battle for their lives.

Sadie and Sawyer eventually kill The Boogeyman, allowing them to save their family. The film concludes with Sadie and Sawyer moving on with their lives and finally finding peace.
The Boogeyman (2023) is a well-crafted horror film that will appeal to enthusiasts of the genre. The special effects are astounding, and the acting is excellent. The film is also suspenseful and frightening, keeping you on the edge of your seat. 
The Boogeyman, according to Rita, is an evil monster who preys on families.

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