The Hidden Strike, directed by Lu Chuan and starring Jackie Chan, John Cena, and Zhu Yilong, is a 2023 Chinese action film. The film follows two former special forces troops who must work together to transport a group of people employed by an oil refinery down Baghdad's "Highway of Death" to the safety of the Green Zone.

Genre - Action/Adventure/Comedy

Release - N/A

Director - Scott Waugh

Writer - Arash Amel 

Runtime - 1h 42mint


John Cena

Jacki Chan

Pilou Asbeak


The story takes place in Iraq during the Iraq War. A group of international criminals led by the vicious warlord Zahir (Zhu Yilong) stole a big amount of oil from an Iraqi oil refinery. The Iraqi government has enlisted the help of two former special forces troops, Jackie Luo (Jackie Chan) and John Miller (John Cena), to find the crooks and reclaim the oil.

Jackie and John track down the crooks and find them locked up in a fortified complex in Baghdad. The crooks are highly armed and well-protected, and Jackie and John understand that they will need to use all of their abilities and experience to bring them down.
Jackie and John mount an audacious attack on the complex. They battle their way past waves of armed guards until they reach Zahir's inner sanctuary. Jackie and John overcome Zahir and his men in a final fight and recover the stolen oil.

The Hidden Strike is an exciting action picture filled with explosives, gunfire, and hand-to-hand battle. Jackie Chan, John Cena, and Zhu Yilong all give strong performances in the picture. If you enjoy action films, you should definitely see The Hidden Strike.
Here's a more extensive plot synopsis:
When an oil refinery in Iraq is attacked, Jackie Luo, a Chinese security professional, is tasked with keeping the company's employees safe.

John Miller is a former US special forces soldier recruited by the Iraqi government to find the criminals who stole a big amount of oil.
Jackie and John work together to transport a group of civilians working for an oil refinery along Baghdad's "Highway of Death" to the Green Zone.
They are attacked by Zahir's soldiers along the road, but they manage to flee and continue their trek.
They eventually make it to the Green Zone and are reunited with their families and friends.
Jackie and John are lauded as heroes at the end of the film for their bravery and sacrifice.

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