The Little Mermaid: King Triton and Queen Athena rule over their six mermaid daughters in the underwater realm of Atlantica. Ariel, the youngest mermaid, is a free-spirited and adventurous mermaid who wishes to live on land.

Genre - Fantasy/Musical

Release - 26 May 2023

Director - Rob Marshall

Budget - $250 Million

Box office - $338.3Million

Production Company - Walt Disney 

Runtime - 2h 15mint 




Halle Bailey

Jonah Hauer King

Mellisa McCarthy

Jessica Alexander

Daveed Digs


Ariel saves a human prince named Eric from drowning one day. She falls in love with him and strikes a bargain with the sea witch Ursula in exchange for her voice.
Ursula dupes Ariel into a pact that will kill her if she does not win Eric's affection within three days. Ariel must break the curse and be with Eric before it is too late.
To find Eric and end the enchantment, Ariel teams up with Flounder, her BFF Sebastian, the royal court composer.

Ariel is devastated, but she will not give up hope. She sings to Eric, reminding him of his affection. Eric realises he loves Ariel and calls off their engagement.
Ursula is enraged and changes into a massive sea monster. She attacks Ariel and Eric, but Triton saves them. To save Ariel, Triton defeats Ursula and sacrifices himself.
Triton is brought back to life by Ariel's tears, and he gives Ariel her longing to become human. Ariel and Eric marry and have a happy ever after.
Ariel and Eric are married in Atlantica in a lavish wedding. Triton, who is thrilled to have his daughter back, joins Ariel's friends and family in celebrating.

Ariel and Eric rule Atlantica wisely and justly together. They have their own kid, Melody, who is half-mermaid and half-human. Melody aspires to explore the surface world like her mother did.
Melody is swimming near the surface one day when she is apprehended by a gang of humans. She is taken aboard a ship and made to perform for the crew. Melody is afraid, but she knows she has to find a way out.

Melody successfully escapes the ship and swims back to Atlantica. Her parents are furious when she tells them what occurred. Triton swears revenge on the humans who harmed his granddaughter.
Triton and Ariel lead a merfolk armada to the surface world. They track down and destroy the ship that kidnapped Melody. The humans are kidnapped and returned to Atlantica.

Triton sentences the humans to death, but Ariel begs them to spare her life. She informs her father that she knows not all people are evil and that she wants to give them a second opportunity.
Triton is moved by Ariel's words, and he saves the lives of the humans. He informs them they are free to leave.

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