The machine 2023  is an action comedy film based on comedian Bert Kreischer's real-life experiences. Kreischer plays himself in the film, a stand-up comedian who gets abducted by the Russian mafia and pushed back into his past.

Genre - Action/Comedy

Release - 26 May 2023

Director - Peter Atencio

Budget - $20 Million

Box office - $10.6 Million 

Runtime - 1h 52mint




Bert kreischer

Jimmy tatro

Jess Gabor

Mark hamil

Iva Babic


Bert Kreischer (Jimmy Tatro) is a young man on a college trip to Russia in 1999. During a night of hard partying, he befriends a tour guide named Igor and becomes "The Machine," a Russian folklore figure. After 23 years as a successful comic and podcaster, he has converted his life narrative into a comedy spectacular that has gone viral on YouTube.

Bert has a strained relationship with his wife and their older daughter Sasha. Bert is suddenly reunited with his estranged father Albert (Mark Hamill) at a family picnic.
Bert and Albert are detained in Russia and forced to retrace Bert's steps from 23 years ago. They must battle with Irina's soldiers as well as the ghosts of Bert's past along the way. Bert must eventually find a way to rehabilitate himself and save his father.

Critics gave The Machine mixed reviews, with some appreciating its humour and action moments and others criticising its predictability and lack of creativity. The picture, however, was a box office hit, collecting more than $100 million worldwide.

Bert and Albert are transported to a distant Russian village, where they are visited by Igor (Mikhail Chernin), the tour guide who befriended Bert 23 years ago. Igor informs Bert that he knows how to reclaim the pocket watch from Irina, but it will necessitate Bert revisiting his past and confronting his demons.

Bert grudgingly agrees to assist Igor, and the two men embark on an adventure through the Russian countryside. Bert recalls the events of that fateful night in 1999 along the journey, and he comes to grasp how his actions have affected his life.

Bert and Igor eventually arrive at Irina's compound. Bert confronts Irina and demands the pocket watch back.

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