Hatke, Zara Zara Bachke is a 2023 Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Laxman Utekar and produced by Dinesh Vijan via Maddock Films. Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan act in the key roles, with Sharib Hashmi, Rakesh Bedi, and Sushmita Mukherjee providing support. The film depicts a young couple from Indore who decide to divorce in order to be eligible for a government housing scheme. However, things do not go as planned, and there is a repercussion. Will the much-loved couple reconcile or part ways?

Genre - Comedy/Drama

Release - 2 June 2023

Director - laxman Utekar

Runtime - 2h 20mint




Vicky kaushal

Sara Ali Khan

rakesh Bedi

Neeraj Sood

Meghna Agrawal


Kapil Dubey (Vicky Kaushal) and Saumya Chawla Dubey (Sara Ali Khan) are a young couple living in Indore with their middle-class joint family. They've been married for three years and are head over heels in love. They do, however, have one huge issue: they cannot afford to buy a home of their own.

One day, Kapil and Saumya discover of a government programme that provides free housing to divorced couples. They decide to fake a divorce in order to be eligible for the programme. They inform their relatives that they are divorcing and leave their shared family home.

Things start off smoothly for Kapil and Saumya. They are able to purchase a new home and begin to live separate lives. They begin to miss each other as time passes. They realise they are still much in love and want to be together.

Kapil and Saumya decide to tell their family that they wish to rekindle their relationship. Their families are startled at first, but they eventually accept it. Kapil and Saumya can now live happily ever after in their own home.

Hatke, Arara Critics gave Zara Bachke mixed reviews. Some complimented the film's wit and chemistry between its leads, while others chastised it for its predictable premise and lack of creativity.

Box office revenue:

Hatke, Zara Zara Bachke was a box office triumph, grossing over 100 crore (US$13 million).


Hatke, Zara Zara Bachke is a lighthearted comedy-drama that will keep audiences entertained. The video contains a positive message about the value of love and family, and it is sure to make audiences happy and uplifted.

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