Afwaah  Mumbai is having a dark and stormy night. Rahab, a senior advertising executive, is staying late at work. She is tired, but she is determined to complete her project. Her computer screen suddenly lights with a notification. She received a social media message. The message is a video link. Rahab sees the video after clicking on the link. The video features her and Nivi, a political heiress colleague. The two ladies are seen dining together. The video is accompanied by a rumour that Rahab and Nivi are having an affair.

Genre - Crime Thriller

Release - 5 May 2023

Director - Sudhir Mishra

Budget - est 10 Crore

Box office - est 30 lakhs

Produced By - Anubhav Sinha

Runtime - 2h 2mint




Bhumi Pednekar

Nawazudin Siddiqui

T.J Bhanu

Sumeet Vyas

Tapasee Pannu

Sharib Hashami


Rahab is shocked. She is aware that the rumour is false, but she is also aware that it will harm her career. She attempts unsuccessfully to remove the footage, but it is too late. Thousands of people have already shared the video. Rahab's phone begins to ring. It is her superior. He is enraged. He informs Rahab that she has been suspended from work. Rahab is distraught. She is at a loss on what to do.

The rumour is all over the news the next day. Rahab's picture is all over the front pages of newspapers. She has become the talk of the town. People are calling her names and threatening her. Rahab is terrified of leaving her house. She is unsure who she can rely on.
Rahab is going along the street one day when she is stopped by a stranger. The stranger's name is Kabir. Rahab is convinced that Kabir believes her. He informs her that he is aware that the rumour is incorrect. Rahab is overjoyed. She has finally found someone who believes in her.

Rahab and Kabir begin to date. They support one another at this trying time. They are both adamant about clearing Rahab's name.

Rahab and Kabir search down the source of the rumour. Aditya is the name of a politician. Aditya is a strong man. He is accustomed to having his way. He seems unconcerned about the fact that he has damaged Rahab's life.
Ahab and Kabir report to the cops. They lodge a formal complaint against Aditya. The police investigate the case, but there is insufficient evidence to indict Aditya.

Rahab and Kabir would not give up. They launch a social media effort in order to cleanse Rahab's identity. They tell the world their story. They are calling for justice.

Rahab and Kabir's effort gathers steam. People begin to trust Rahab. They begin to rally around her.

Aditya is arrested one day. He faces defamation and cyberstalking charges. Rahab and Kabir have been vindicated. They have won their battle.

Rahab's narcissism
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