Anuragam is a Malayalam-language romantic comedy film directed by Shahad Nilambur and written by Aswin Jose that was released in 2023. Aswin Jose, Gouri Kishan, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Lena, Johny Antony, and Devayani appear in the film. Sheela, Sudheesh, Manikandan Pattambi, Durga Krishna, Jaffer Idukki, and Moozi are among the supporting actors.

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Release - 5 May 2023

Director - Shahad Nilambur

Runtime - 2h 21mint




Ashwin Jose

Gaouri G Kishan

Gautham Vasudeva


Durga Krishna


The story follows Ashwin (Aswin Jose), a young man who falls in love with his best friend Janani (Gouri Kishan). Janani's parents are estranged, and Ashwin believes that if he can bring them back together, Janani would be able to open her heart to love once more.

Aswin embarks on a journey to reunite Janani's parents, but it is not without difficulty. Her father is an obstinate man who refuses to reconcile with his wife.
Her mother, a housewife, is still upset about the divorce and is hesitant to give her husband another chance.

Aswin will face numerous obstacles along the way, but he is determined to succeed. He enlists the assistance of his friends and family in an attempt to reunite Janani's parents.
Aswin's efforts are ultimately successful. He brings Janani's parents back together, and Janani is finally able to open her heart to love. All of the characters get happy endings in the film.

Anuragam is a pleasant and upbeat film about the power of love. It's a well-crafted picture with a terrific cast and a touching story. Fans of romantic comedy will enjoy this flick.
"Anuragam is a sweet and charming film that will make you happy." The cast is fantastic, and the tale is touching. Fans of romantic comedy will enjoy this flick." - The Hindustan Times
"Anuragam is a delightful film that will make you laugh and cry at the same time." The picture is stunningly produced, and the performances are superb. "I wholeheartedly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good love story." - The Onmanorama

"Anuragam is a heartwarming film that will make you smile." The film is heartfelt, and the characters are likeable. I would strongly recommend this film to anyone looking for a nice and uplifting picture." - Lensmen Evaluations

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