Bawaal stars Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor in the key roles. The film, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, is set to be released in India on October 6, 2023 by Yash Raj Films and Phars Film.
The plot follows Ajay "Ajju" (Varun Dhawan), a small-town man who falls in love with Riya (Janhvi Kapoor), the most gorgeous girl in town. Ajju is a dreamer who has always wanted to accomplish great things, but he has never lived up to his full potential. He is continually hampered by his social standing and lack of education.

Genre - Drama/Action

Release - 21 July 2023

Director - Nitesh Tiwari

Producer - Sajid Nadiawala

Runtime - 2h 17mint




Varun dhawan

Janhwi Kapoor

Parth Sidhpura

Gunjan Joshi 

Mukesh tiwaari


When Ajju meets Riya, he sees her as a means of escaping his small-town life and achieving his aspirations. He sets out to win her heart, despite the fact that he knows she is out of his league.
The story follows Ajju as he attempts to earn Riya's heart while overcoming hurdles. Along the journey, he discovers more about himself and what it takes to be successful.

The movie is described as a love story with a social message. It will go into issues of class, social standing, and ambition. Nitesh Tiwari is known for making comedies about societal themes, and Bawaal is supposed to be no exception.

Parth Siddhpura, Arnob Khan Akib, Aariz S
aiyed, Gunjan Joshi, and Satendra Soni also appear in supporting roles.

Bawaal is one of the year's most anticipated films. It is a collaboration between two of Bollywood's top names, Nitesh Tiwari and Varun Dhawan. The film is also predicted to be well-received by audiences because it deals with a relatable theme in a hilarious manner.

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